Electric Prunes

As I seem to be Exhibit A in Mike's little tirade against the alleged plethora of "obscure" pop/rock music questions, I feel duty-bound to put up a bit of a case for the defence.

If someone had posed a question about the above-named, moderately successful and critically acclaimed American psychedelic band of the 1960s (once beloved of my good self) then I would be obliged to concede Mike's point in the context of our quizzes.
However, in the wacky world of modern-ish music Green Day, the Specials, the Kinks, Blink 182 and Elbow really aren't obscure at all. Indeed, I strongly suspect that the average punter on the street would have much more chance of answering a question about these particular artistes than many classical composers or indeed the estimable Mr Kern, although maybe the Pigs could have used slightly user-friendlier questions such as "Who had a hit with ...?" and so on.

Mr Bath does admittedly more or less make my final point himself. We do indeed all have our own little specialities and interests, some of which are included in questions that leave a bemused look on all but one or two faces, and I wouldn't say the Pigs' questions, though admittedly on the hard side for WithQuiz, were any more unfair than those. But then I would, wouldn't I, and I probably had too much to dream last night (sic).


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