Best ever season for "Knocked Out United" ?

While the devilishly ingenious Mis-spelled Pussies and Paddy's QOTW rightly took the plaudits this week, I would like to spread the praise a lot wider and say that I thought the whole compilation was excellent and spoke volumes for the high quality of quiz-setting that we now sometimes take for granted in what is surely the best quiz league in Withington. So, a hobnob and a creme egg for everyone who contributed to this splendid concoction.

Like Prodigal Ed, I thought that some of the finest nuggets lay in the various paired rounds. The pair that almost caused Fr Megson to lose his celibacy took us back to those halcyon days when whole families would huddle around the black and white Ferguson set to goggle at edited highlights of the vital Inter- Cities Fairs Cup clash between Hajduk Split and Admira Wacker. OK, so you had to hold the aerial in them days and none of the players had the skills or the boyish good looks of present day players like Robben and Ribery but I still think there was more magic in the game then.

If I had to guess I would say that Kieran set that pair. Let me know if I'm wrong.....there might be another hobnob in it for you......


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