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I checked my catechism last night and unfortunately it says that three-sided affairs are still sinful. A mortal sin, to boot. That said, it was my old dog-eared 1957 version (with a rather humourless foreword by Pope Pius X11 in which he urges the reader to remember that not all Nazi war criminals are bad people) so I would hazard a guess that things are a bit more slack now and I for one would be willing to let you off with something like "participating in an event likely to lead to a venial sin".

Have any of youse in Withquiz had a threesome before? I seem to remember trying to organise a friendly between the Charas and the Historymen one evening after quite a few pints in the Red but Anne tells me it was a bit of a fiasco since her team mate fell asleep as soon as we tossed and when he woke up he couldn't understand why we were all smoking cigarettes in his bed.

Not sure how people in the Sett valley spend their evenings - airfix kits and Meccano sets, most likely - but I think Stockport will be the clear favourites. I am told threesomes are really popular in that neck of the woods. A recent poll suggests that 98% of those who used to go to Edgely Park of a Friday night now
sate their animal lusts with an evening of karaoke followed by a kebab and a relaxing threesome.... we can only hope they brush their teeth first.....


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