Re(1): You're not a record breaker...

My gob has been well and truly smacked!

I remember the 1950s as an age of unquestioning acceptance. With sex yet to be invented (1963 I believe) and pubs given over to darts, skittles and tales of the black and white past. Who would have thought that in Liverpool (with Penny Lane still just a boring metropolitan thoroughfare) pub goers were starting to question each other about everything and anything?

When I came to Manchester in the mid 1960s my grandmother told me I was moving to the place where everything new was invented as evidenced by the well known saying "what Manchester thinks today, the world does tomorrow". Naturally therefore I assumed that the Withington Quiz League, when formed in 1977, was the first in the world and that Barry Whitehead was - in terms of civilisation - a great founding father.

Well at least no-one can deny that Manchester was the place that gave Vimto to the world. Can they?



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