Re(3): You're not a record breaker...

Father, I like socialising and getting in touch with my feminine side as much as any red-blooded Manc but I think I draw the line at Vimto. Is it just a coincidence that it's an anagram of 'Vomit' and is it true that some Manchester churches have been secretly substituting it for altar wine?

By the way Father, I've heard that it was a goat-worshipping Irishman who first brought the concept of the pub quiz to Manchester after it had been devised to amuse his fellow idolators following a hard night of idolatery. Apparently he was on the run from some fella called Paddy McGinty and that you gave him sanctuary. He may even have invented Vimto in gratitude to help you save on the wine. Is there any truth to any of this?

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions, Father.


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