Yesterday Once More

In the preamble to this week’s music round Rachael informs us that questions about contemporary music have been avoided because of the poor reception afforded to previous offerings. If this is the case then I personally think it is very disappointing and doesn't reflect well. Even the “mixed” round which she proceeds to give us contains questions relating to no later than twenty-one years ago apart from the lesser part of the Saint Etienne question.

With all the other major sources of questions, from politics and science to films and literature, there are questions about up-to-the-minute contemporary items and no-one quibbles as far as I’m aware. Therefore, as pop/rock music is probably the most abundant source of our questions (has an analysis ever been undertaken? And no, I’m not volunteering), surely a number of contemporary questions on this theme should be tolerable if not desirable.

Apart from this anomaly, I think there is another manifest source of unfairness. When we played the CMR a couple of weeks ago I would estimate that the average pop/rock question related to about 10-15 years before the average year of their births. Indeed, it is almost apologetically that I have collected bonus points from them for knowing who recorded the likes of Mouldy Old Dough and The Pushbike Song (don't ask me why those particular ditties sprang to mind!), so surely they are entitled to throw in a few questions from their own era and reflecting their own influences?


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