Re(3): Yesterday Once More

Always healthy to challenge and debate the status quo and some valid points are raised by both Steve and Mike. I wonder though if they are trying to fix something that isn't broken. I am not aware of any Orwellian Ministry of Quizspeak creeping into Withquiz. On the contrary and in comparison to any other quiz league that I know of, our questions are remarkably free - range.They are allowed to wander into and wallow in any field that the setter may choose. All that is asked in return for this promiscuity is that the setter checks rigorously for balance and uses a bit of common sense and consideration for others who might not share his or her particular fetish. So, for example, if you like a particular TV programme, ask maybe a pair of questions about it by all means but don't gorge yourself by using it as a hidden theme for a full round. A little bit of moderation goes a long way. Remember that and you can ask pretty much what you want to ask provided you remember to throw in a few clues to cast light on your more esoteric offerings.

One other thing: we all use the cliché about the Withquiz "old fogies" and CMR, the shiny new kids on the block. Well, they are bright and relatively new but look around and you will find that evolution is creeping up on us and the average age of many teams is creeping down. If this alarming trend is allowed to continue there is a very real danger that Historyman David will lose his traditional tag "young David" and suffer the fate of becoming an old fogey. And the Charabancs? Well, I guess extinction comes to us all eventually.


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