Re(2): Adverts and time

Any earlier than 8.30 becomes difficult for those of us with kids. Many of us would stay out until closing time in any event.
I think there's mileage in enforcing the 8.30 start though; it seems rare that we ever get started before 8.45 these days.
Last night's quiz did have a number of questions that did need repeating a number of times, and whilst that is not unusual for our league, this was probably at the extreme end of that scale. (Perhaps there should be a suggested word limit per question rather than a time limit on the quiz?)
The main issue was ambient noise, leading to the questions needing to be repeated. Mary did her best, but members of our team rotated into the chair next to the QM for their own question to make things a little easier.
3rd week in December probably makes for a busier Wednesday than most, but the Fletcher Moss, and at times the Red Lion, are perhaps becoming harder venues all through the year.
I also take part in the Fletcher Moss' own pub quiz, and the area all the way clockwise around the bar at the back, is often cordoned off for some card players on Tuesdays. Have the quizzers ever tried that corner? Has anyone tried asking to reserve that or another area? Might be worth a shout Albert Pigs...


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