Re(2): Adverts and time

Think the workers who dislike quizzing on an empty stomach might struggle with an 8 o'clock start. I dislike the idea of official timekeeping but Eric is right. We all take advantage of the far too lenient QMs. Here are some suggestions:

We accept that the QM has the right to call for an answer after a reasonable time. We might need some discussion to clarify what "reasonable" means and the QM might give some leeway when the question seems to require more thinking time. But the QM should have the powers of a referee and his/her word should be acted upon asafp.

When the question is passed over very little thinking time should be allowed. If the second team is paying attention they will already have had enough time to agree on an answer. If they are not using that time then that's their fault and not the QM's.

I think it goes without saying that we all respect and admire the dedication shown by all our QMs.The lack of consideration we sometimes show them is not due to bad manners; it is simply because we have all got into the habit of thinking we can take as long as we like to ferret out the answer. If the QM makes it clear that he/she is the boss I don't think any of us will complain.....well not too much.

Eric, I think the idea that you have been on holiday when you come home from QMing arises from the old days when you and Fr Megson used to go out for a mini cruise around the more exotic ginnels of Ladybarn when time was eventually called in the Stadium of Murk. Happy days and never more than a polite caution from the local constabulary.


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