Re(1): The men I couldn't bloody understand

As most of you know I am a long term fan of The Hangmen’s quiz papers. I am ashamed of this fact and I am actively seeking counselling but I can’t get away from the fact that the anticipation of a TMTCH week creases me up inside. I’m a boy. I like boy’s toys. It does strike me that if Anne-Marie fulfils her promise and produces a paper full of ….well…. the opposite to boy’s toys and if some stray website comments labelled the paper as such would there be a prima facie case of sexism to be answered? Be that as it may I look forward to the next Prodigals paper with greater excitement now. The ante has well and truly been upped.

Boy’s toys or not the real beauty of Dave’s papers is the love and passion that clearly goes into their preparation – a fact that shines through every question phrase and answer wrinkle. The truth is that a rowdy Manchester pub on a winter Wednesday evening is not fit to tie the shoelaces of a Dave paper. Let’s see if the Royal Albert Hall is free for the next TMTCH week. OTT maybe but you get my drift.



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