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I am sorry, but I like unpredictability in setting. What is perceived as general knowledge by one person is seen as an obscure stinker by another. I have never been a fan of pairing questions, which a lot of quiz league formats adhere to. One league that I know of has professional setters who work on that basis and it still garners hundreds of complaints about the balance of questions every week. The USP of the Withington Quiz league is variety. Maybe the continuing experimentation with different types of questions has helped contribute to a tight finish in the league this season. The thinking behind bingo is that it is the luck of the draw and how the questions fall. The only rules on setting should be 8 rounds of 8 questions with 2 points for a non-conferred answer and 1 point for a conferred answer or bonus. I have sat through plenty of quizzes in this league that have simply not been my cup of tea (or pint of San Miguel in my case), but it does not mean that it was not a good paper with plenty of interesting questions. This is subjective, but on the whole I say leave things be.

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