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Sorry about the PMT dubious answer. A genuine error for which I genuinely apologise.My mistake was to rely on something which no man of my age should rely on - my memory. I was a fairly regular user of this service in the late '70s and the acronym was enough to tickle my feeble mind. I have a clear (and obviously false) recollection of the words "Potteries Motor Transport" written in small print on the side of the buses. Weirdly, I did make an attempt to verify it before setting. I googled something (not wiki) which stated that Potteries Motor Transport was a bus company that was privatised in 1986. Clearly I should have done more research and at least have added the words "Accept also Traction".

Sadly none of the many complaints to date have come from the womenfolk of Withquiz. I hope this does not mean that they are all mean - spirited enough to sit at home sniggering up their sleeves at the inability of the stronger sex to cope with a bit of PMT grief when things go wrong.

No apology needed or offered for the Bingo Blockbuster format. It is a tried and tested and legitimate way of framing questions. Questions are frequently impossible if you don't happen to know the answer. Being given the first letter(s) of the answer surely lessens the impossibility of at least having a stab at the answer. I think one of the "impossible" examples cited by Kieran was PB. Do me a favour! It's a more or less given that the B will stand for Babies. They went on the market in 1918. I would have thought there were enough bells ringing there to enable a passable guess at what the P might stand for. To moan about the dropping of a point or two due to the randomness of the game is a tiresome arguement and one best left to cranky men with strong Glaswegian or Portuguese accents.

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