All Men Are Created Equal

We are a proud people. We are an old people. The Great Spirit put us here at
the beginning of time. Our grandfathers tell
us of this.
Our mother is the earth, she gives us what we need. She gave us the land. She gave us the buffalo. She gave us the trees and the skins to make our lodges. Our mother cares for us and we are her children.
The white men came and wanted our our land and we told them it was ours. It was our mother. We told them we would share it with them. The white men wanted it all. This was strange to us,
we told them it was our mother, and it
was not ours to give.
These white men killed our young men. They killed our women and children. They killed the deer and buffalo, They burned our lodges. They took our land. They took our ways. They took our language. Then these same white men have the nerve to say all men are created equal.

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