Old quizzers never die-they just re-locate

Personally, I put it down to the curse of the White Swan! Can it just be mere coincidence that our form has dramatically declined since we got chucked out of there 2 seasons back when someone decided to turn it into the Ladybarn Social Club?

There could have been a psychic bond that has been irrevocably broken. Who knows, maybe the White Swan and the Charas are like Romeo and Juliet, Samson and Delilah, Brian and Jidka. They come as a pair. The whole is greater than the part. They are just meant to be together and neither can really function properly without the other?

Look what's happened to us since that deep psychic link was shattered? Father Meggers, once a powerhouse in quizziastical circles (or so he told us) has taken to wandering about in his slippers, left the door open last week when he went to get some fags and ended up in France! John has taken up philosophy to try and make sense of it all (or maybe he just likes sitting about and having a drink), Roisin has been getting later and later buses because she is not as keen to face yet another drubbing as she used to be (or maybe her bus timetable is just out of date) while Damian has to come up with more and more inventive excuses to try to justify the team's latest pratfall (or maybe he's just become more a tad more masochistic in his old age)!

Last night I dreamt I went to the White Swan again. Who was that setting fire to the place and scarpering in a rusty old coach of 1950s vintage? Surely it can't be,..........can it?????

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