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There once lived a man who thought "This is my hour
to remake my country and return it to power."
He thought himself able and was willing to boast
that he was a leader and smarter than most.

He felt people loved him as he wanted them to.
If anyone didn't they were stupid, he knew.
If anyone doubted they hadn't a clue
of how special he was and how much he could do.

He liked to blame others and he thought they were wrong
if they didn't think he was mighty and strong.
He knew he could be a commander of troops
and stand strong against thieves and unwelcome groups.

He judged it important how people should look--
the shape of their nose must not have a hook!
The hair and their eyes must be beautiful too--
especially the ladies. He thought it his due.

His nation, he rued, was no longer the best.
It was now nothing more than just one of the rest
He'd restore it to glory and get rid of the pests
who didn't chant "Heil" at his angry behest.

They all must speak German--his language of course.
And if they refused they'd soon feel some remorse.
So this man took his kind to an awful abyss
And he died as a villain. His pride came to this.

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