Re(2): CMS Question paper

This isn't the main point of my message but, for what it's worth, we didn't notice any particular imbalance in the quiz apart from the last round where we thought it was quite significant.

The comments on the home page also suggest that this quiz, far from favouring the younger ones amongst us, had actually gone the other way and possibly favoured the more venerable.
During last season, I commented that the Rafflers/Shrimps seemed to have moved in this direction following criticism of the "modernity" and/or "quirkiness" of their earlier offerings and I think Mike at least agreed that it would be a shame if this was the case. Surely it is our problem and not theirs if we can't answer questions of a more contemporary nature and I think they should be encouraged to revert, at least partly, to their former approach. Otherwise we are losing, at least partly, what makes them unique and valued.

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