It's only a bleedin pub quiz, but...

The first question of the quiz was answered incorrectly according to the paper. We gave the answer on the handover but decided that our opposition should have the two points because we agreed that the answer on the paper was wrong. Well, good for us and our sporting instincts.

However, this is not the first time that the answer on the paper has been incorrect. The recent knitting one irked me particularly, of course, but as the only knitter on either team I was overruled. Another one I recall was the great Kendal Pencil Museum scandal, when everyone knew the correct answer but what was written down was accepted.

Could we have a consistent response to these in(ac)cidents? It seems that each match deals with them in its own way, and so far our team has always ended up losing points. So, no bitterness there, but a general agreement on how to handle them would be useful.


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