It gets worse

Dear Mobo, it appears you experienced a bad attack of something all quiz setters suffer from time to time ie. AQQS (Ambiguous Quiz Question Syndrome). I sympathise with your plight.

It may comfort you to know that I would have opted for Edward V because I had forgotten about Henry VI's restoration. However this particular question fell to my colleague Roisin who decided to opt for Richard III thus apparently endorsing his claim, backed by a subsequent Act of Parliament, that Edward V was ineligible to take the throne because he was illegitimate owing to some apparent irregularities in his parents' marriage (who ever would have guessed that she was a member of the Richard III Society?).
Thus if Richard's Act of Parliament had not been reversed in the subsequent reign, Edward V would still have been an incorrect answer to your question!

However, if you do wish to seek counsel from Father M, he will no doubt dig out his moth-eaten old Bible and comfort you with the story of the woman caught in adultery (John 7:53-8:11). But if he doesn't and starts trying to lecture you on the error of your ways, I advise you to remind him of those 3 dread letters: 'PMT'. I expect you'll both be crying on each other's shoulders in no time!

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