Re(2): Daddy's Poem, author unknown

I posted the poem over on the Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board...I am sure there are going to be many comments similar to that which Terry made...A person would have to be terribly insensitive not to be effected...I recall my very first time...I was in the 3rd grade at a small school in Dundee Iowa...The blacksmith/mechanic shop was owned by a father of many children named Ross Murphy. We used to
play with the ones our age and Ross Murphy Jr. had joined the navy...seen him come home during the summer school vacation, dressed in his sailor suit... It must have been Pearl Harbor attack when the terrible news was passed and the entire town cried and wept...Ross Jr. had been killed..for us younger kids there was a structuring that needed to be done to understand...soon thereafter in nearby Waterloo, Iowa was the even more terrible war news that the Sullivan Brothers had perishing at sea on their sunken ship there were 5 of them killed all at once....Back then, most folks didn't have electricity
hence to rapid communication.. The telephone operator had the switchboard in her home and she would call out for attention of nearby neighbors and depend on them to spread the won dear Mother was a true, PAUL REVERE in spirit and action...God Almighty, how we hated those Japs....Fay Etta Murphy was my older sisters friend and would come to our house often and cry about her brother Ross....Our own family was to break up soon after all this happened and me, a 4th grader then become an avid reader and news gatherer and school reporter of the Des Moines Register and Tribune.JW


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