On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 the Missing In America Project (MIAP), Veterans Recovery Program will honor 42 Unclaimed Cremated Remains of Arizona Veterans.

National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona 23029 N. Cave Creek Rd. Phoenix, AZ.

Veterans Being Laid to Rest:
PFC. Clyde E. Douglas Army Air Corps WWII and Korea 12/8/1915 4/15/1992
S1C Carl E. Amos US Coast Guard WWII 11/8/1919 2/24/1999
1st Lt. Lewis Eric Weil US Army WWII 3/22/1914 9/29/1978
S1 John Gustav Bjelke US Navy WWII 4/25/1927 9/16/2001
S1 Raymond Gasman US Navy WWII 7/13/1924 4/4/2001
PFC Wallace N. Creel US Army WWI 6/25/1891 3/1975
HN Lee Roy Reynolds US Navy Korea 3/27/1931 2/22/1985
PFC John D. Machin US Air Force 5/25/1928 2/1/1995
PFC Ysidro (Sidney) Licon US Army WWII 10/9/1918 12/8/1982
Tec 5 Clinton T. Michael US Army WWII 9/15/1916 6/6/1987
SSGT Peter E. Farrell US Air Force Korea 6/24/1928 6/4/1982
TSGT Elton L. Kirksey US Air Force Vietnam 8/28/1935 1/31/1986
SN John F. Clarke US Navy Vietnam 10/6/1944 2/10/2003
SSGT Arthur D. Lyons US Army WWII 3/25/1905 5/2/1974
PFC Isaac James Jr. US Army Korea 9/19/1930 1/10/1985
S1 Joseph F. Raymond US Navy WWII 11/8/1924 12/19/1989
PFC Henry Waters Nisbet US Army WWII 7/25/1899 6/1979
SSGT Stephen J. Zorichak US Army WWII 8/15/1920 2/26/1988
SP4 George T. Boren US Army Vietnam 1/17/1940 2/5/2007
PVT George A. Darland US Army Korea 7/15/1930 12/29/2004
PFC Alice (Bailey) Wojahn US Army WWII 3/30/1912 5/23/1999
SGT Harold L. Runnels US Army Korea 4/10/1932 6/13/2004
Major Shirley Dean Flowers US Army/Air Force WWII-Korea 11/14/1930 8/10/2003
PVT Robert L. Beeth US Army WWII 2/25/1924 8/20/1997
SP4 Orin E. McCullough US Army Vietnam 3/31/1953 1/6/2004
CAPT. Warren Reinoehl US Army WWII 9/13/1919 10/17/1992
PVT Thomas C. Miller US Army WWI 4/2/1900 6/23/1982
1st SGT Rolla D. Welch Spanish American War 8/19/1873 12/11/1937
AB Vernon Charles Portwood US Air Force 5/24/1945 4/30/2001
1st LT Leroy E. Struble US Army WWI 7/5/1891 4/13/1942
1st LT Fredrick Schweitzer US Army WWII 6/12/1908 1/8/1986
PVT Charles Murbach US Army 1/20/1886 7/2/1951
CPL Arno E Jones US Army WWI 12/9/1895 11/21/1942
Samuel Alfred Martin US Army WWI 7/19/1872 12/13/1925
PVT Henry Lee Everitt US Army WWI 1890 4/1/1933
E4 Raymond Filak US Navy Vietnam 2/8/1950 4/4/2015
SGT James Grimm US Army WWII 12/4/1917 11/15/1999
SSgt Robin A. Thorpe Sr. US Army Vietnam 7/7/1938 7/22/1999
PFC Jack Wiseman US Army WWII 7/11/1897 10/22/1966
PVT Marion Oliver US Army WWI 11/24/1896 5/12/1927
SGT James A. Whitaker US Army WWI 1/15/1889 1/22/1927
PFC Elmer Lou Main US Army WWII 8/5/1921 3/30/1961

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