Soft Tissue Sarcoma

I believe it was 2012 when I first posted about Agent Orange related Soft Tissue Sarcoma and me. Not all Soft Tissue Sarcomas are inside the very narrow window the VA has established from Agent Orange. It is a High Grade cancer, meaning it may spread rapidly and first shows itself as a bump on the leg, arm, or elsewhere. Unchecked it heads for the lungs and things get very bad fast. Since it is so rare most ALL doctors think it is nothing!

My initial experience was surgery and radiation on the area which was the lower right leg. My current issue consists of 4 small bumps outside the radiation tan line from earlier version. Since they are more widespread and radiation is not recommended close to previous other options are being pursued by Moffitt Cancer. Since I was still under Moffitt follow up plan the VA (not having Sarcoma surgeons) continued authorization. Current Moffitt plan 50/50 odds.

And I found out I have Prostate cancer. Yup, AO again. VA doctor doing fun filled prostate biopsy explained ALL men have a 30-35% chance of Prostate cancer Agent Orange exposure moves you to 70-75%. Having had cancer elsewhere sends the odds north of that even though they are not the same cancer. He also indicated my Prostate cancer is slow growing and left untreated would get me in 20 years.

So check for the small insignificant bumps and tell the doctor biopsy it or change doctors. This latest was overlooked by my primary even as I requested a biopsy. It was the VA dermatologist who found it just like the last time.

For me the count stands at two cancers and Neuropathy. I certain others reading this have faced similar issues from AO. Donít give up the fight! Unbeknownst to us we were wounded by friendly fire it just took longer to become known.

Those living in Florida who shop at Publix grocery stores will understand BOGO (Buy One Get One free). Apparently I got the BOGO!

I encourage others who have had issues share them to help others understand what to look for and how to pursue.


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