Re(1): Soft Tissue Sarcoma

So very fact I called my wife to read these posted articles and she too, a former nurse, seemed alarmed.. Only Monday I had this growing in size lump removed surgically from my right forearm...Firstly the Derm-Doc called it a Fat-Ball, a very common medical development in seniors. He noted the scar and I reminded him of my injury about 2 years ago that required 10 stitches...another doctor had treated that injury..he and the nurse removed the growth and then called it a CYST instead of a 'fat-ball' was going to be bio-opsied
...I go back on the 28th to have the stitches removed and I am going to show these postings...Hey Guys, I'm sorry to hear about your medical problems..I recall so often seeing those burned looking trees and brush there along the river...and the different areas I'd go out on patrol with security.. JW


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