My wife didn't feel well today so she called off her Easter Sunday church schedule...I ran up the street to Home Depot for an item I needed
and back to the house in 15 minutes...I wasn't at the house yet but headed south down the street about 600 meters in front of my house...
as soon as I had turned the corner and saw my house, flashing emergency lights...police, ambulance, fire truck...can you imagine what I was
thinking as I sped down the street and into my one here...I ran in where my wife had been in bed...she still was there.. obviously, had there been sirens or alarms of some type the sounds had not wakened her...I felt that 'drop-thru-your-six' relief as I shook her and told her there was an
emergency next door...Up like a Jill-in-the-Box and off like a shot...It was a matter of watch and wait...eventually there was a young female
leaving next door and talking on a phone...thru sobs that seem they would break her in half, she told me there was the neighbor's 20 year old
daughter had OD'd on heroin and died during the night.. they found her this morning. I later offered to make food but there was not talking
food or drink or even sense for any of those poor will I even handle conversation with them when they do accept help and condolences?


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