Last but by no means least.

In an otherwise fair report from the quiz last night Kieran once again trots out the hackneyed old chestnut about setters shoehorning a duff question into the number 8 slot of a themed round just because there is nothing else out there. Beware the unwisdom that is sometimes contained in such nuggets of received wisdom. On at least two occasions last night Kieran has got it precisely wrong.

My Round 2 theme last night was initially inspired by reading an article on the hacking of the dirtbag Ashley Madison website last summer (it is a matter of some concern to Fr. Megson that the serial number of his 5 shilling postal order is now out there on the Dark Web) From this little acorn (Q8) grew seven other trees. Likewise I was mercenary enough to draft in 7 other tired old footballers from England's Italia 90 squad purely to allow me to show off my extensive knowledge of collectible Parker pens (again Q8) Sad but true - the mind of a setter can be a dark and fevered place.

So any shoehorning that took place involved the desperate search for a relatively easy question to kick - off the theme. This I found more difficult and unsatisfactory - I am far from being an expert on chestnut mushrooms and you would need to be stoned out of your mind not to know that St Stephen was the first martyr. But these were necessary compromises as the key element in setting a themed round must be to make the questions harder as you go along in step with the theme becoming more apparent. People who sit in seat 4 have to accept this harsh truth.

Sorry about that,Kieran but don't despair. Other seats are available.


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