Trumped? Maybe, maybe not.

I read with interest Mike's and Kieran's comments on the difficulties they and everyone else at the Griffin seemed to have experienced with the Donald Trump pair. As I cannot tell a woz me what done it guv, I guess it falls to me to try and address the issue or at least look as if I am.

First off, given that Mr. Trump is very much in the news at the moment and, however much we may dislike the guy (which I expect pretty much covers nearly everybody) seems to stand a very good chance of becoming the most powerful man in the world next November, I thought it was probably not too arcane to comment on some of his currently more amusing ramblings which I fully concur are not very many and trying to disqualify his 2 most likely opponents seemed to me to fit into that category.

Secondly, in a premonition of the amount of discussion these particular pairs might provoke, I did post a guideline at the start of the round to the effect that whoever was most precise with the answers, got the point. Maybe I was a tad naive to think that might cut short too many arguments.

Finally, I concede that maybe the questions could have been worded a bit more fairly and a bit more leeway given to the possible answers. Then again, maybe I should have avoided setting them altogether but, hey, I did give it a go. Sometimes the cookie crumbles and sometimes it doesn't and I don't really know why I came up with that particular metaphor. Maybe I'm just caught up in a 'woolly' frame of mind at the moment!

Anyhoo, hope they didn't spoil the evening too much at Chez Griffin. After all, where's the fun in not being able to visit the messageboard and vent one's spleen on the occasional question or 2? On second thoughts, like The Donald's political statements, maybe it's best if no-one tries to comment on that!


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