Slouching gingerly towards Stepping Hill

Have to be a rat and report that Stepping Hill Hospital are still a step behind Mike's radical new "done and dusted in half an hour" policy. Given though the high turnout of bedraggled punters in the A+E waiting room (Stockport County would kill for half that number at Edgely Park for a midweek fixture) a total wait of 3 and a bit hours for triage,x-ray and treatment sounds pretty good to me.Don't listen to them gits on Question Time, the NHS is still in rude health.

For anyone that has never tried it, falling off a log is remarkably easy.Far easier than winning a quiz.Thankfully the damage was done to my right foot so Fr Megson will be able to continue his left - footer activities without let or hindrance. He might even lose a bit of weight as did the Emperor Augustus when he took to ministering to his official duties by hopping around Rome on one leg in order to stay fit.


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