11 June

1967… Seabees from NMCB-4’s detachment at Khe Sanh constructed bunkers, artillery positions, and ammunition pits for Marines defending Hill 881

1968…NMCB-133 started paving QL-1 within the Phu Bai Combat Base. …A two-week search and destroy mission, involving two NMCB-58 bulldozers and twenty equipment Operators from NMCB-58, began under the operational control of the 5th Infantry Battalion, 2nd ROK Marine Brigade. Two bulldozers and four Equipment Operators from NMCB-62 joined the operation on 21 June 1968. The operation was conducted approximately four miles northwest of NMCB-58’s Hoi An camp site. As a direct result of the bulldozer operation, with up to four infantry companies providing security, numerous enemy bunkers, caves and food caches were destroyed. Seven enemy KIA, three enemy captured, approximately 6500 rounds of assorted ammunition, ten assorted weapons, and rice in excess of 10,000 pounds were accounted for.
…NMCB-40 Detail Golf OIC and truck convoy were ambushed while hauling rock on Route 9. No personnel injuries were sustained. One five ton truck received one small arms round through the radiator.
…The critical shortage of rock in I Corps continued during June. The addition of 11 new barges and 4 tugs on 11 June increased the rate at which rock was being barged north. More than 40,000 tons of rock was shipped north from Da Nang during the month.
However, this requirement to barge rock north seriously limited the amount of rock available for issue in the Da Nang area. Rock issues for Da Nang fell 60 percent short of expectations. Two new crushers were planned to be set up and plans were made for night operations at Cam Lo with its output going directly into the work between Dong Ha and Ca Lu.

1969…Quang Tri Combat Base received five rounds of 122mm rockets in the area adjacent to Camp Rhodes.
…The last 60 foot steel stringer was placed on the Cam Lo River Bridge marking the end of steelwork for the superstructure of the Bridge.
…NMCB-58 Detail Quebec at the Cam Lo Quarry site provided aid and assistance to the crew and wounded of a Marine CH-46 MEDEVAC helicopter which had crash-landed at the rock crusher site.
…At 1903, Rocket Condition was set. No rounds landed within the Camp Adenir perimeter.
…MCB-10 Detail Tango departed Battalion base camp for Landing Zone Nancy to upgrade Route 1 north of My Chanh.

1970…CAPT C.F. Krickenberger presented NMCB-62 personnel with COMCBLANT Letters of Commendation.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Foxtrot located at Kien An received small arms fire from a squad of Viet Cong. Negative personnel casualties resulted.
…UTCM M.H. Olson, Senior Enlisted Advisor, COMCBPAC, visited NMCB-10.

1999…First female CEC officer to command a Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-Cdr. Katherine Gregory-NMCB-133

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