I have mentioned often that my sole hobby is wood working.. had I known the joy and satisfaction of making things out of wood surely that
would have been my method of 'scuffling for the buck'! The reason I am posting this experience here for you is that I learned something by
researching my interest on Google... Recently this lady from my wife's church wanted me to make her a video shelf....She wanted it varnished
a natural color and immediately I thought Red Oak...You must know, had I selected the material anything but plywood, the cost of the solid
wood certainly would have been prohibitive...I selected a 4'X8' red oak plywood, 1/2" thick... It wasn't until I put a 'jitter-bug' sander to the
material, did I realize how very thin the plies of red oak were...under the 'oak ply there was just old scabby looking pine...if I could express
the fractional thickness of the oak ply, the numeral would certainly be preceded by a batch of zeros.. There went the plans on the Golden
Oak varnish for there would have been no masking of the 'junky-wood' showing. I researched about wood ply and found it very interesting! JW

Found the info on Google mentioning
how wood plies are fabricated from a

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