Strange? Ironic??? Do these two words impart the same question...the same problem?
I suppose it seems I speak in riddles, but this post began with Ken almost a year ago...Ken
and I have visited numerous times on another post, but is it not strange that I just didn't scroll on down to Ken's post about Loc Ninh...? This morning, here, 12 June 2016, I read Ken's post and the numerous replies of other troops remarks such as those of Jim Brady...I guess it just
goes to show that "you can't be every where........" and that clique ended up, "at once".
Yeah, it does seem like a 'riddle session'....I just don't know why I failed to scroll on down..
some of the places and times mentioned by the posting troops was places I had been in my
two tours of duty ...I used to refer to Vietnam as 'the arm-pit of creation', here all
these many years....what's it been since 1968...dang, almost half a century. Last early spring
when I was invited to join a number of other former Seabees to go back to Vietnam ..."but hell no"...that
was my response. The appointed sponsor sent daily videos from the 'arm-pit', showing sites where our forces had been...occasionally there would be evidence such as an old concrete
foundation ...the 'torn and tattered' real estate was not in evidence, nor was the thousands of feet of aluminum matting we laid out for operating aircraft . Yeah, I'm rambling now as I tend to do here in old age...Jeez, when I was younger I could not tolerate a 'rambler'...Dang, get over what you're trying to tell me...I got things to do...records to achieve...places to go! My fellow American Warriors...thank you Gentlemen for your valiant service ...perhaps not
as well-rewarded as it might have been, but you were there at muster....JW

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