13 June

1967…LCDR L.E. Vann and LTJG T.J. Wilson from 31NCR conducted the Quarterly Supply and Disbursing Inspection of NMCB-71.
…The NMCB-4 Liberty Bridge crew was increased to 47 men.
…On 13 June, LCDR. H.A. Holmes, the Commanding Officer of CBMU, arrived at the Battalion’s Dong Ha Camp. As the arrival date of the Main Body neared, there was a notable shortage of sandbags with which to surround the huts. More sandbags were procured from Cam Lo, and all hands not directly involved in the construction of hooches were put to work sandbagging. Approxomately 4,000 sandbags were required to surround each hut. At first sandbags were placed only on the back of the huts which were facing south to the perimeter. This was to protect personnel from snipers who might decide to shoot at the men while sleeping.

1968…One artillery attack on Cua Viet with no CBMU-301 casualties

1969…LTGEN H. Nickerson, JR., USMC, CGIIIMAF, visited NMCB-5 at Camp Hoover.
…At 0246, Rocket Condition was set. No rounds landed within NMCB-4’s Camp Adenir perimeter.

1970…The first increment of NMCB-62 Detail Juneau, consisting of four Alpha Company personnel, deployed to LZ Baldy relieving NMCB-7 of upgrade responsibility of QL-1 south.
…NMCB-7’s Detail Lims, consisting of 4 enlisted men, returned to Camp Shields after completing their well drilling operations at the various Chu Lai area LZ’s.
…NMCB-7’s Detail Oscar, consisting of 8 enlisted men, returned to Camp Shields after completing their CIDG water system projects.
…NMCB-7’s Detail Juliet, consisting of 1 Officer and 148 Enlisted men, rejoined the Battalion after completing their work at LZ Baldy and LZ Ross.

1971 …Seabee Team 74-09 deployed on 13 June from Dinh Tuong Province, where it had been engaged in USAID pacification projects, to it’s homeport. Gulfport. MS.
… Several pieces of equipment were lost and three Seabees, including the OIC of NMCB-5 Detail Bronco, sustained injuries from minings of Route 341, which leads to ACTOVRAD Site #9, Nui Ta Kou. On 13 June three separate mining incidents occurred. At about 0815 the third vehicle in a sweep team, a five ton dump truck, detonated approximately 35(?) pounds of plastic explosives in a slapstick mine with the left front wheel. The crater formed was four feet in diameter and three feet deep. The mine had been placed over a culvert in well-compacted earth. The dump truck had a tire blown off, the cab and fuel rack destroyed, the frame bent, and a passenger, BU3 Michael Dezik, was thrown from the truck and seriously wounded with a compressed fracture of the C-7 vertabra. A little later in the morning and 3,000 feet further north on Rt. 341, a three wheel lambretta preceeding the sweep team detonated a mine believed to be a homemade C-4 type; the lambretta was completely destroyed and three Vietnamese were killed. Then at noon, 12,000 feet from the Nui Ta Kou site, another five ton dump truck detonated another 20-30 pound slapstick mine with it’s right front wheel. The wheel, doors, hood, and right front fender were blown off, the engine destroyed, and two Seabees in the truck were wounded by shrapnel. They were Ltjg J.A. Larson, CEC, USN, the OIC of the Detail, and CM3 J.F. Ross. They were Medevaced for FSB Mace nearby and then to Bien Hoa and later in the month returned to Ta Kou. Dezik was Medevaced to FSB Mace and then to the 24th Evacuation hospital in Long Binh where surgery reduced his fracture; Dezik was initially paralyzed over the entire length of his body but improved steadily, regaining motor responses in the truck. On 20 June, he was further Medevaced to the U.S. Army hospital at Camp Zama, Japan.
… There was one other mining incident reported on 13 June, 12 miles northeast of ISB Ca Mau on the Phung Hiep Canal. The second boat in an LCM convoy detonated a mine with it’s stern. No damage resulted.

2008…First female CEC officer to command a Naval Construction Training Center-Cdr. Stephanie Jones-NCTC Gulfport

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