All of those postings were not only informative but generally, humorous... I ponder these things today
of how in the world did the folks before us to survive...I mean before the days of mechanical/electrical
cooling.. Oh sure, here in the lower deserts of Phoenix the old Indian tale of a wet-blanket over the
flap of the teepee entrance is usually a tale for that German or Swede tourist....just don't cut it with
a Navajo or Hopi Indian listening to the conversations...they'll claim you "speak with a forked-tongue"! I remember that humid-heat as a farm boy
in the mid-west...those old upstairs sleeping quarters were just inhumane...take a blanket and sleep
out under a electricity of todays date, 6/22/16 there has been 6 heat-related deaths to
noted sports hikers and bikers here in the Phoenix area...the type of stories that make the news.. only this morning a German
hiker found dead and one missing for 3 days in the Canyon...Used to do a lot of TAD duty in Gulfport
Mississippi in the mid-60's when that old WWII Seabee base was recommissioned for the Vietnam War.
Put a fresh set of khakis on for morning chow and by muster at 8AM, they'd be soaked with sweat...
No way to look fresh out there on the 'grinder' for the possible grunts, squats, and jumpin-jacks! JW

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