28 June

1942…11th NCB, predecessor of NMCB-11, is commissioned at camp Allen, Virginia. Lt. Cdr. Ernest A. Hechler was the Battalion’s first CO

1967…MAJ C.J. Tyson USMC, Military Training Officer, CBPAC and CDR H.C. DeGrotte, MSC, USN, CBPAC, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell.
...NMCB-4 completed a 20’x40’ building for 1st Medical Battalion.

1968…NMCB-10 began construction of initial facilities for the new Seabee Camp at Quang Tri Combat Base prior to the arrival of NMCB-11 and upon arrival of “Eleven” an intensive effort on camp construction was begun. In order to realize best advantage of the real estate assigned and to group facilities with a more or less similar function, the new camp (Camp Rhodes) was laid out as three distict major areas. One area contained the administrative, community support and personnel berthing areas. The second area contained all of Alpha Company shops and equipment functions while the third area included all other industrial facilities and activities of a Seabee camp.
The design for berthing huts was the same as that designed and constructed by NMCB-11 during its previous deployment to Camp Barnes, Dong Ha. Each squad was assigned to one 16’x52’ SEA hut with two basic plans being used as relates to bunker layout. In one area bunkers were located beneath the hut in the form of trenches excavated to a depth of approximately four feet while in the second section above ground bunkers beside the huts were necessitated because of the low elevation and sandy soil. Internal partitioning of huts was not considered desirable in that they restricted egress in the event of mortar and rocket attacks. Consequently dividing partitions were restricted to those necessary to isolate the reading and writing area of the hut
All major facilities were usably complete and the Battalion began moving into the new spaces on 28 June 1968. Many facilities such as the EM Club, Greens Issue Building, Alternate/Medical CP, Chapel and several smaller facilities had not been started and much work remained to bring the final completion the buildings occupied by the Battalion but “Happiness was being out of the tents and out of the sand” and morale improved tremendously with the camp relocation. The intensive MER construction effort interrupted camp construction and most of these projects were added or begun as post MER projects. Total mandays expended were 20,011 and total cost of material in place was $247,484.00.
…NMCB-58 began renovations to the Camp Haskins North EM Club (L701, 6659 III; 957809). The project consisted of replacing the Vistnamese thatch roof and bamboo framing with new trusses and roofing as well as a concrete patio extension. The project was turned over to NMCB-22 on 13 August 1968 with the project 43% complete.
…CAPT C.G. Miller, CEC, USN, Chief of Staff, COMCBPAC and CDR B.J. Hackenson, SC, USN, COMCBPAC, Staff Logistics Officer, Visited NMCB-133 at Camp Campbell for an informal inspection.
…NMCB-7’s Advance Party, consisting of 8 Officers and 108 Enlisted men , arrived at the Dong Ha Combat Base, to perform the BEEP and effect a smooth turnover of Camp Barnes from NMCB-5 pending arrival on the Main Body.

1969…At 1205, an NMCB-133 road crew took one sniper round 1 km east of Hue (YD 788250)
…RADM J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB came aboard Camp Barnes to visit NMCB-62 construction sites.

…CDR W.K. Hartell, Commanding Officer+, NMCB-11 assumed command of Camp Haines.
…NMCB-11 relieved NMCB-10 at camp Haines, Camp Evans.
…NMCB-10 was officially relieved by NMCB-11 at Camp Haines.
...NMCB-11 projects durin this deployment included: roadwaor on Route 1 from Phu Loc to Da Nang; Biidge 15A (240’ long) on Route 1; raising fallen sections of a bridge damaged by Viet Cong crossing the Song Bo River, located five miles south of Hue; two timber bridges near Hue; reconstruction of a railroad bridge; operating the rock crusher site named “Bonnie and Clyde” run by Alpha Company. Details were sent to work at LZ nancy, LZ Sally, Song Bo, Phu Loc, Dong Ha, Saigon, Okinawa, and Guiam.
Seabee Team 08-11 deployed on the lower Ca Mau peninsula at Bao Lieu completed the Loc Hoa Market which consisted of an eight by ten meter structure with concrete pad and columns, and wooden trusses with a sheet metal roof. The Bao Don Refugee Training center and the addition to the Hieu Thien High School were completed by the Go Dau Ha based Seabee Team 09-13 during the month. The Tay Ninh Province Chief and other Vietnamese officials attended the dedication of both projects. The refugee center was an eight by sixteen meter, tilt-up slab and tile block building. The school was a two room addition to the district high school.

1970…Secretary of the Navy John B. Chafee and party visited CBMU-302 work sites at Ben Luc and Nha Trang

1971…NMCB-5’s Detail Trotter, comprised of 10 Enlisted men, deployed to Chau Doc (WS 1583) to commence work on remaining construction items at Chau Duc (WS 1583), Tan Chau (WS 2695), and Cho Moi (WS 4564). The Detail was tasked with the completion of utilities left undone at the Chau Duc, Tan Chau, and Choi Moi ACTOV bases by other units, due to unavailability of certain critical materials. Working primarily on pier and POL systems, the detail installed pumps and piping, tested the POL systems, and provided POL, water, and electrical services to the berthing piers. NMCB-5’s Detail Colt deployed to Quang Xuyen to commence construction of a pier

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