I've mentioned a number of time about the tour of instructor duty I had at CONSTRUCTION TRAINING UNIT D/VILLE/RI.
Rec'd orders from MCB#4 in 1958 to IT School/Norfolk to CTU February 1959. The main task of CTU was to train Group VIII 2-week active duty reservists for training (ACDUTRA)however other subordinate training was always available.. Joint service military eventually come to CTU for duty 'down on the ice' Antarctica.. Actually CTU was tasked for the ACDUTRA's east of the Mississippi where those west and Alaska went to NAVSCON P/HUE/CA... I taught mostly 2 of the 4 UT ratings specialties...Boilers and Water Treatment/Sewage Disposal. We would get some very unusual trades and professions in for training..one time this old reserve commander who helped us re-write the rates practical factors calculated there was more than 100 job descriptions for the UT rating...those a person could make a living doing...One time we got this E-5 UT from the Washington DC area who worked for the Bu.of Weights and Measures. Some fool discussion took place there at CTU when a shortage of toilet paper come up...both at the schools and the barracks... How much toilet paper is consumed in a country the size of the US per day...seems those are some of the figures gathered by that BU. and the tonnage quoted by that employee was astronomical! The amount of fuel consumed to produce the dry paper was also gigantic. One so very interesting thing the student mentioned was part of the studies done was how a roll of toilet tissue would be loaded onto the roller dispenser...Loading a roll so the tissue would feed up and over would use less paper than feed over and down..do you have the picture...next time you are 'planked' in there, try it...UP AND OVER THE TOP USES LESS PAPER THAN DOWN AND UNDER... gravity and ease of turning scores a reason...
not interested...tell the lady of the house how she can save on toilet tissue costs...she may thread one thru your think tank!!! I enjoyed instructor duty so very much... to have some hard-reasoning student exclaim out loud,
"Well I'll be ####ed...it does work...hey Chief, show us that transparency again so I can make a note of my own"!!!! JW

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