I thought yesterday when I was hearing this supposed fault being related by some wild-eyed
news person that the 'movers and shakers' ought to make lemonade out of lemons...Really
confuse them by crediting 'IMITATION, IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY'...
Allow the most humane and sensible explanation being that Ms. Trump admired Ms. Obama's
narrative so very much that she mimicked it...almost word for word, and her being of a
different nationality and language usage, the serving of that purpose was provided... take for instance that old,
over-used expression 'BOOTS-ON-THE-GROUND'...every person, of any consequence,
and being interviewed, shoves that term into the dialog, and just kind of proudly seems to claim
it....there has even been high-level dissertations of that cliqu'es source...most recently I
heard if was the Desert Storms General Shorts-Cuff (spelling, but you know who I mean).
President Kennedy's statement of 'ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY' thing was not an
original remark....nor was President Lincoln's letter to the grieving mother having lost 5 sons
at the 'ALTER OF FREEDOM'. I rest my case! jw

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