06 September

1966…Commodore N.R. Anderson, COM30NCR and CAPT A.R. Marschall, prospective COM30NCR visited NMCB-40 at Camp Shields.

1967…NMCB-71’s SWE3 Thierry and CN Miller from Delta Company were injured by bomb fragments when an A-4 Skyhawn aircraft lost a 500 pound bomb on takeoff at Chu Lai.
… An NMCB-6 crane , driven by EO2 A.D. Christie, was totally destroyed on Route 1 (BT 593935) at Bridge 13 just south of Chu Lai by a Viet Cong satchel charge. No injuries resulted.
…A portion of Liberty Bridge was destroyed by an underwater charge. The bridge was open for use in 32 hours.
…An NMCB-1 trash truck hit a land mine in the trash dump one mile north of Camp Haskins. Three men received Purple Hearts for minor injuries
…Four daytime artillery attacks on Dong Ha
…NMCB-9’s Advance Party, consisting of 7 officers and 104 men, deployed 06Sep67 to 07Sep67 to Da Nang on two C-118 passenger aircraft and one C-130 cargo/passenger aircraft from Oxnard Air Force Base, Oxnard,

1968…LT H.F. Gohrband, SC, USN, Logistics Officer, 31NCR, visited NMCB-133 at Camp Campbell for a Supply Administration Inspection
…NMCB-53 Detail Charlie Two, consisting of 1 officer and 10 enlisted men, deployed to the camp of “A” battery, 1st LAAM battalion, Hai Van Pass (L7014, SH 6641 I, 945921) to repair storm damage caused by Typhoon Bess.
…By 1600, Camp Haines had received 25 inches of rain over the previous 62 hour period.
…An NMCB-3 5-ton dump truck detonanted a land mine on III AMTRAC access road in the Marble Mountain area. One Vietnamese civilian was killed; the driver received minor cuts and bruises. The vehicle was heavily damaged.

1969…Rocket attack on NMCB-53 at Camp Haskins North at 0102. Three 122mm rockets impacted in and around the berthing area in camp. No damage or casualties.
…NMCB-53 Detail Ha Thanh, consisting of POIC EO1 Harris and 6 enlisted men, rejoined the Battalion from the Special Forces airfield project.
…At 0151 Rocket Condition was set at Camp Adenir. Ten enemy 82mm mortar rounds impacted within the NMCB-4 perimeter in the vicinity of the MLO and Alpha Company yards. There was some damage to material and equipment, including a direct hit on a transit mixer. No NMCB-4 personnel were injured. At 0259 Rocket Condition was set again. Three more enemy 82mm mortar rounds impacted within the Camp Adenir Perimeter, resulting in minor damage to the MLO warehouse. At 0326 Rocket Condition was set once again. The NMCB-4 Concrete batch Plant near NSA Covered Storage was destroyed by concussion when enemy 122mm rockets touched off a nearby ARVN ASP. There was also heavy damage to structures at III MAF Headquarters and NSA Covered Storage. No rounds impacted within the Camp Adenir perimeter.
…NMCB-1 batched more than 1,000 tons of asphalt in one day

1970…An NMCB-62 MRS tractor detonated a 40 pound mine on Route LTL-4 resulting in major equipment damages and two Seabees with minor injuries.

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