Yesterday I called MIDAS AUTO here in Glendale to have my oil changed...Michael, the service manager had answered the phone and seemed happy for the call....I was there at the shop in less than 10 minutes and told Mike that I'd wait for the service...He would come in and out, attending the business chores...Later he did stay ther back of the counter and asked what I did..."you flatter me Michael...I'm retired now more than 20 years from civilian work and 40 years from the Navy.."! The moment I had mentioned Navy, Mike was on the conversation like a duck on a June-bug! "My Dad was a navy Chief Hosptial Corpsman and he's been out of the navy that long....".
Mike was looking out over the counter at me for some response and I shot my best at him...."Your Dad is never out of the Navy, Mike...he will always be known as Chief and even more so as a Corpsman will always be Doc with reverence and respect"! I told Mike the next time he'd visit with his Dad tell him that he'd met an old Seabee Chief and he would probably note the same respect from his Dad that he noted from me having been informed about Chief's in general and Corpsman in particular...I bet there wasn't another customer in a long time who got their oil changed and got their hand shook an a friendly clap on the shoulder...I went over to Google and checked if I knew enough about the rating and those fine gentlemen we've called Doc over the years...I didn't know this! JW

It was 1947 before the rating of
HOSPITAL CORPSMAN was established...Oh yes, they'd always been there, since the Navy was established, but with a different name designator. JW


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