12 September

1966…The facility containing the two NMCB camps and the 30th NCR at Red Beach, was named Camp Haskins in memory of BUL2 Donald Dean Haskins on NMCB-9, who was killed in action on 28 October 1965 when Camp Adenir came under Viet Cong attack.
…RADM R.P. Wooding, CEC, USN, COM3NCB, toured the NMCB-9 camp.
…NMCB-6 deployed 19 men to Chu Lai to assist NMCB-40 in construction of a cross wind runway. The Detail returned to Camp Faulkner on 01 October 1966.

1967…RADM Bartlett; CAPT J.M. Hill; CDR P.R. Gates; and LCDR F.H. Lewis, all from 3NCB, visited NMCB-121 at Camp Campbell.
…Two daytime artillery attacks on Dong Ha

1968… NMCB-3 set Condition II from 2305 until 0114, 13 Septembet, due to increased enemy movement in the Camp Faulkner area.
…NMCB-1’s BUC Walter W. McGinn was killed when his jeep was hit by an explosive ground device. Chief McGinn and LT(jg) Arthur D. Moscrip (who died the next day) were in a convoy on their way to Monkey Mountain where a detachment of Seabees were assigned duty. Their mission was one of re-supply and delivering mail. A Seabee base camp in Puerto Rico was later named in honor of LT(jg) Moscrip.
...In support of the 1st Marine Division, NMCB-62 was tasked with the erection of ten, 50-foot timber towers. The combination observation and 106 recoiless rifle platform towers were built at strategic points along the defensive perimeter of the Da Nang Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR). These towers were given a high priority as they were used in pinpointing enemy rocket/mortar launch areas during attacks, and in initiating immediate counter battery fire.
Several methods of erection were considered; however, since the use of CH-47 Flying Crane Helicopters was not authorized by the 1st Marine Division, it was decided to pre-cut the towers in camp and assemble them on site.. Materials were transported to the site by use of lowboys and a pole trailer. Site preparation included leveling an area for the tower and an area for the fabrication of the two pole timber bents. Holes were augered in the ground for the four poles and concrete spread footings were placed to assure a stable, level foundation. At the same time, another crew began assembling the bents. A mobile crane was utilized to hoist the prefabricated bents into position. Four Construction Electricians (CE’s), proficient in pole climbing, were employed to lace the bents together with 3x12 inch timber bracing. They also secured the prefabricated deck platform to the top of the pile caps.
Depending upon logistics and site conditions, completion times ranged from three to six days. The use of a 25 ton capacity crane with a 60 foot boom and a 15 foot jib was essential in the erection of the towers. The most efficient method of construction was to pre-cut materials in camp, pre-fabricate on the site, and assemble in place. Electric drills, saws, and a portable field generator were necessary for fast and efficient progress in the field.

1969… Quang Tri Combat Base came under rocket attack at approximately 2230. No rounds impacted within Camp Rhodes. NMCB-74 perimeter defense sector received small arms fire.
…RADM J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB and CAPT J.W. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR, visited NMCB-53’s job site at Lang Co Bridge construction site north of Hai Van Pass.
…At 2145, NMCB-4’s Detail Foxtrot became tactical when the CAG-II compound near Hoi An received several enemy M79 rounds, fragmentation grenades, and small arms fire from the surrounding villages. Foxtrot personnel and the marines returned fire. One Seabee, UT1 A.R. Sassar, received a minor wound as a result of the action.
…NMCB-1 completed the conversion of a SEA hut into a Command Post at Camp Campbell (L7014 YD 890-140) Early in September, Camp Campbell’s underground command Post experienced structural failure. It was decided to convert a nearby SEAhut being used as a BOQ into a Command Post. The conversion involved increasing electrical service to the hut, reinforcing wood deck throughout to support additional live load, and protecting the building by erecting revetments around the entire hut.

1970…Capt. K.P. Sears, CEC, USN COM32NCR visited MCB-10’s project at Thuan An Naval Base. (MCB-10 DCR Jan70-Sept70)
…MCB-10 Detail Oscar returned to Camp Wilkinson from Thuan An after completing the ACTOV Base for the Vietnamese Navy

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