13 September

1966NMCB-1 constructed the infrastructure for a LAAM Site on Hill 724 (L701 6659 IV 944-319) near Da Nang. The project required the construction of a complete LAAM Battery installation with support facilities. A detachment of one officer and thirteen men, together with a Marine Infantry Platoon, established a base camp on the side of Hill 724 on 14 June 1966. A road was pioneered from the camp to the crest of the hill, which was eventually cleared and graded for installtion of the missle and radar sites. The cantonment area was constructed below the crest of the hill on the South side. On 25 July 1966, after having constructed sufficient facilities in the cantonment area to adequately support additional personnel, the Seabees detached from the Marine camp and relocated to the construction site. This move required the establishment of perimeter defenses and the assumption of total security responsibility of NMCB-1 personnel. The number of NMCB-1 personnel with the detachment varied from13 to 45 depending on the phase of construction. In addition to the construction of the facilities listed above, a missile test facility and a rain water collection system were also constructed. Rain water from this system was stored in tanks for use in the shower and galley. On 20 August 1966 the main group of the detachment returned to NMCB-1s base camp, leaving a small group of men to complete the road system. The LAAM Battalion occupied the site on 21 August a966 and were operational on 22 August.
NMCB-11s Advance Party, consisting of 2 officers and 24 enlisted men deployed by air from Camp Adenir to CBC Port Hueneme

1967Seabee Team 1009 departed Saigon and arrived on board Camp Kinser, Okinawa. The Team left for CONUS on 15 September for CBC Port Hueneme.
NMCB-7 deployed four men to Site X (Quang Tri Airfield). These were the first men assigned to NMCB-7s Detail X, which reached a strength of 32 men on 20 September.
One early morning artillery attack on Dong Ha

1968Ltjg Arthur D. Moscrip Jr., Philadelphia NMCB-1 died from a road mining accident which occurred the day before
MGEN Rollins, USA, MACV Director of Construction and CAPT J.R. Fisher, COM30NCR, toured NMCB-71 Chu Lai area projects.
NMCB-3 set mortar alert at 0515 due to mortar and rocket attack on the Da Nang area. No NMCB-3 casualties and no rounds fell in camp

1969The Seabee Team 0312 compound at Ben Tre, Kien Hoa Province came under B-40 rocket and small arms fire with minor equipment damage. No personnel casualties.
RADM J.G. Dillon, COM3NCB and CAPT J.E. Washburn, COM32NCR visited NMCB-74 at Camp Rhodes.
Quang Tri Combat Base came under rocket attack. No rounds were received within Camp Rhodes.
NMCB-74s Advance Party arrived at Camp Hoover.
At 2030, NMCB-4s Detail Foxtrot became tactical and returned fire again when five rounds of enemy mortar fire impacted within the CAG-II perimeter. No NMCB-4 personnel were injured.

1970NMCB-62 Detail Warwick, consisting of 4 Alpha and Charlie Company personnel, deployed to Tu Hieu to construct a sixty foot pontoon supply pier at the Vietnamese Naval ATSB Base. The Detail rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins South on 20 September 1970.
NMCB-62 Detail Tampa, consisting of 1 officer and 12 Alpha and Charlie Company personnel, deployed to Cu Lao Re Island to construct an access road and supply pier for a Vietnamese Naval facility

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