14 September

1966… NMCB-1 converted 230 stongback tents for Headquarters 3rd Marine Division (L701 6659 III 955-809) at Da Nang to tin roofed structures. The existing canvas was removed by Marine personnel. NMCB-1 personnel installed new wood trusses and metal roofing as well as replacing the electrical lighting wireing as necessary. At the conclusion of this project, the men of NMCB-1 began the same type of work on 169 strongbacks for 7th Marine Engineer Battalion, III MAF. (L701 6659 III 949-749)
…The OIC of the NMCB-11 Advance Party, LT. G.W. Mumford, CEC, USN, the AOIC, LT. J.L. Mountjoy, CEC, USN, and twenty-four enlisted men left Camp Adenirfor the States as the battalion’s Advance Party to prepare for the upcoming training period.

1967…NMCB-11 commenced providing supply, material handling, personnel embarkation and equipment support for the Site “X” construction program at Quang Tri.
…NMCB-11 deployed a 4 man Detail to Khe Sanh (Three) to construct aircraft revetments and an aircraft parking apron for the 12th TASS. The Detail returned to the battalion on 22 September 1967.
…One daytime artillery artillery attack on Cua Viet
…After only eight days of working time and to meet an operational requirement of a local Marine unit, NMCB-11 completed construction of a 250-man galley for the III MARDIV FWD compound.
…NMCB-4 completed a 500-man Galley for 7th Marines.
…NMCB-4 completed the Hobby Shop at the Freedom Hill Recreation Complex, and the installation of insulation at the Freedom Hill Movie Theater.
…NMCB-4 completed the cantonment for the 567th Regional Forces the Ammo Shelters for 1st MAW,the Hill 327 electrical project, and 16 Strongback huts for 2/5 Marines.

1968… An NMCB-133 bridge crew effected night repairs to Bridge 29 between Phu Bai and Hue. Security was provided by A Troop, 2nd Battalion, 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division.
…NMCB-22 competed revetments for 58th TC Bn
…When NMCB-7 relieved NMCB-5 at Camp barnes it inherited Vietnam’s northernmost concrete batching facility, a plant supporting all of the military units north of Quang Tri Combat Base. It became evident, late in August 1968 that the Battalion’s concrete requirements could not be satisfied with the Ross Porta Plant it was operating due to the excessive amount of maintenance time required to keep the plant operational.
A manual batch plant consisting of two aggregate hoppers mounted on an elevated platform with a separate cement chute and an integral platform with a separate cement chute and an integral water system was constructed in September by NMCB-7 to replace the existing Porta plant. Its advantages were that it provided a dependable system free of maintenance as well as affording, by measuring the ingrediants, an excellent method of quality control. Concrete test cylinders from the new plant consistently tested at 3400 psi or better.
The new plant had some disadvantages associated with it as well. The time required tobatch a load of concrete increased from eight to eleven minutes, which was considered insignificant; a forklift was required to move cement from its storage area to the elevated platform; and the plant required two additional people to operate it.
Concrete requirements were scheduled and assigned priorities by Operations. The S-3 Office also designated the size of aggregate to be used.
By the end of the deployment it was recommended that manual batch plants be utilized at forward combat bases where spare parts were difficult to obtain and where the tactical situation indicated an increased probability of enemy harassment.

1969… At 2131, an NMCB-133 weapons carrier received and returned small arms fire (YD 855142)
…NMCB-133 Detail Romeo rejoined the Battalion at Camp Wilkinson.
…Quang Tri Combat Base received six rocket rounds at approximately 2200. No rounds were received within Camp Rhodes.
…NMCB-58 quarters held at which graduation certificates were presented to seven ARVN Engineers (mechanic trainees) for successfully passing the course of instruction prepared by NMCB-58.Highlight of the ceremony was an exchage of command plaques between CDR C.J. Mathews, CO NMCB-58, and MAJ Nguyen Hoang Anh, CO 104th ARVN Engineer Battalion.
…The “Donnie James Show” provided the troops at Camp Adenir with country and western entertainment.

1970… An NMCB-62 segmented roller detonated a 40 pound mine on Route LTL-4 resulting in major equipment damage and one Seabee MEDEVACED.
…MCB-10 completed all paving projects and secured the asphalt plant.
…As of 14 September, 1800 dependant shelters had been completed, and an additional 1100 were under construction. Work was proceeding at a rate of 140 shelters per week, which would come close to the goal of 2500 complete by 30 September 1970. It was anticipated that the great cutback in USN construction personnel over the next few months would have a severe effect on the shelter program. There were 22,000 dependant shelters programmed for the VNN and VNMC, and it was estimated that USN funds and personnel strength were sufficient to construct only about 5,000 of those. Thus, VNN participation in the building was the single most important determinant of it’s ultimate success, and it remained to be seen just how extensive that participation would be.

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