I'm sure we all have aided and assisted someone troubled with either words or deeds....not hearing then about the effects but much later to receive an acknowledgment...The persons name is Ken...Vietnam War Army veteran:

Rooter, SkeeterDope: Again thank you for just, not only responding to my post`s. But by just simply sharing your time with me and actually just talking to me. I can`t tell you guys how good it is, just to be in the company of men that has Seen The Elephant. Up close and personal again. After I left the Military, I searched for the type of friends I had while in the in Viet Nam. But I never once found them again, not even close. To have friends that with a simple handshake, a node of there head, the wink of their eye, or the simple words I`ll be there for you, should you ever need me. And with that to know they and their troops would walk thru the fires of hell, to save you and bring you home safely. And you felt the absolute same way for them and their troops. I can`t tell you how much I miss that type of comradery and simple trust. I miss who I was and I miss the very special men I served with. And to be just really honest, I miss the adrenaline rush. Of the life I once was allowed to be part of so long ago. I was so proud of being part of that. It was the most important and exciting thing I ever did with my life. And no one can ever take those memories from me. For they are mine and mine alone. I never really fit into civilian life very well at all. I guess I just missed my very special life and old friends to much. But I don`t have to explain this to you, do I.


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