21 September

1966…Crosswind Runway project at Chu Lai came under mortar attack. Five NMCB-40 men were wounded.
…NMCB-6 deployed 1 Officer and 34-40 Enlisted men to Chu Lai to construct cantonments for FLSC-B and First Shore Party Battalion. 8 of the men were assigned to NMCB-40 to assist in construction of a cantonment for the Chu Lai Defense Command. The Detail returned to Camp Faulkner on 10 January 1967.
…In record time, the Da Nang River Bridge was reopened to traffic. An original estimate called for completion in from 80 to 180 days.

1967… LTCOL R.L. Shuford, USMC, Commanding Officer 3rd Amtrac Battalion, visited NMCB-133 at Camp Faulkner.
…RADM F.L. Johnson, USN, COMNAVFORJAPAN, CAPT C.A. Pendelton, Jr., USN, COMFLEACTS Ryukyus, and CAPT D.A. Merrill of COMNAVFORJAPAN arrived on board Camp Kinser for a management Inspection of NMCB-10.
…28 men of the NMCB-10 Detachment Tango departed for U-Tapao, Thailand to join the 21 men of the Detachment’s Advance Party.
…Three daytime artillery attacks on Dong Ha
…NMCB-11 began construction of cantonment facilities for 3rd Marine Division (6442 IV 235-594) at Dong Ha. The project would ultimately include 173 out of a proposed 653 tin roof strongback huts, 41 of 85 4-hole heads, 1 250-man messhall out of 4 proposed, and 1 400-man showers out of 17 originally proposed. Electrical and plumbing materials were in short supply and were critically needed for the completion of the remaining galleys and showers. Problems were encountered in the construction of the galleys due to changes requested by the customer. These changes allowed the installation of standard galley equipment and required more extensive plumbing and electrical systems. The changes were submitted to the 32nd NCR for approval and all material required for the remainder of the project was placed on order for the relieving battalion to complete.
…NMCB-4 completed its Khe Sanh Water Supply project, asphalt paving at the Freedom Hill Exchange at Da Nang, a water supply system for 2/5 Marines, and seven Observation Towers

1968…RNMCB-12 begins it’s first and only RVN deployment at Camp Adenir relieving NMCB-53 which was completing it’s first RVN deployment
…CAPT Fisher held a departure conference at Camp Adenir to discuss turnover and related problems. At 1500 Camp Adenir was turned over to NMCB-12.
…Formal turnover of Camp Adenir, Da Nang from CO NMCB-53 to NMCB-12.
…NMCB-8/NMCB-121 BEEP commenced.
…CBPAC Inspection Team headed by CWO V.E. Bailey, began an Alpha Company Equipment Administration Inspection.
…Two artillery attacks on An Hoa

1969…An NMCB-62 Detail barracuda D-8 bulldozer operated by EO3 J.M. Thelen struck a mine between Bridges 9-10 and 9-11 on QL-9, YD052567, at 0930. The bulldozer received extensive damage but the driver was unhurt.
…NMCB-7 Advance Party consisting of 98 enlisted men and 4 officers arrived at Camp Shields.
…NMCB-58 Advance Party, consisting of 4 officers and 92 enlisted men, departed Camp Shields for CBC Davisville.
…NMCB-11 celebrated its sixteenth birthday.

1971… EA2 Donald Rehm was wounded by sniper fire at NMCB-5’s Detail Mustang. ISB Ca Mau.

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