23 September

1965… NMCB-3, after being relieved by NMCB-5, returned to CBC Port Hueneme via 6 military aircraft after completing an 11 1/2 month deployment which began in Guam.

1966… CDR R.H. Miller, COMCBPAC Management Team, LCDR F.W. Newcomb, and LT N.D. Falk visited NMCB-40 at Camp Shields and conducted an informal Administrative Inspection.

1967…NMCB-11 completed a well for 9th Motor Battalion at Dong Ha Combat Base.
…Three daytime artillery attacks on Dong Ha
…NMCB-4 completed a walkway for 1st Medical Battalion.
DPPO-NMCB-4 1967
…The phrases which best describe the DPPO and its Petty Officers as they related to NMCB-4 are: “An outstanding success”…”We couldn’t have done it without them…”There are a lot more good ones than bad ones”. NMCB-4 finished its 1967 deployment to Da Nang with 25% of its Group VIII Petty Officers having been obtained through the Direct Procurement Program.
The NMCB-4 Operations Department owes to its Directly Procured Petty Officers and successes achieved in planning and estimating, architectural and landscape design, bridge and road surveying, soils testing, and preparation of shop drawings. The education, competence and experience of Operations personnel were impressive to say the least. And if the Department’s personnel records were perused, it would appear that a baccalaureate or associate degree were a prerequisite to entering the Department.
In Alpha Company, DPPO’s again provided some of the deployment’s outstanding performances. Directly Procured Petty Officers provided the backbone at many detached sites, with some DPPO’s becoming detached site specialists. These included one trouble shooter who made the rounds of detached construction sites for eight months, repairing and maintaining equipment. Another outstanding Petty Officer was recommended by the Army’s Special Forces for the Soldier’s Medal for risking his life to save residents of Lang Vei, a Montagnard Village, when it came under accidental bombing attack. Another DPPO was the best bluetop grader operator of the deployment.
In Bravo Compay, the techniabilities of the CE and UT DPPO’s were surpassed only by their leadership capabilities. One of the Bravo Company DPPO’s received the Bronze Star for heroism in repelling the enemy at ConThien.
Charlie and Delta Companies boasted platoon and squad leaders who readily dispelled the old worry, “They may know their rate, but can they lead men?” Besides their fine leadership traits, these men possessed superb talents which showed up in the quality of the finish work at the III MAF Theater, Bowling Alley, Bymnasium, Library and the Duc Sieu Roof in Saigon as a lasting tribute to their skills.
Never has a recruiting program had such unquestionable proof of success.
…General Westmoreland and General Hochmuth (Commander of the Third Marine Division., (who died later in 1967 in the crash of his helicopter) and Commodore Hill visited Site X (Quang Tri Airstrip)

1968…NMCB-62’s remaining EO’s and CM’s who had been TAD to Phu Bai, returned to Camp Haskins South.
…LTGEN H.W. Buse, Jr., USMC, CG Fleet Marine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet; LTGEN R.E. Cushman, Jr., USMC, CG III MAF; and BGEN H.C. Olson, USMC, CG Force Logistics Command, inspected the Force Logistics Command Maintenance Facility Project under construction by NMCB-62.

1969…LT A. German, CEC, USN, 31NCR was aboard Camp Wilkinson to conduct an NMCB-133 Equipment Management Inspection.
…At 0208 Camp Adenir went to Condition I. This was the start of a period of maximum readiness which continued intil 1245 on 25 Februsry 1969, at which time normal security was set. During the period there was no ground attack and no mortar or rocket rounds fell in camp.
…NMCB-8’s Detail Sierra, consisting of 21 enlisted men, deployed from Camp Haskins South to Tien Phouc via C-123 aircraft. The Detail was tasked with upgrading the airfield at the Tien Phouc Special Forces Camp. 12 additional men were added to the Detail on 28 September.
…GEN H.X. Lam, I Corps Commander, presented Vietnamese Honor Medals to CDR Roy D. Gaulden, CEC, USN, LT O.B. Forrester, CHC, USNR, SW1 W.J. Riggins, HM1 T.D. Taylor, EA3 R.V. Currington, and SD2 E.T. Quion at I Corps Headquarters


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