24 September

1965… RADM Heaman visited NMCB-5 at Camp Hoover

1966…NMCB-1 completed construction of Building #66 for FLSG-A. The project entailed site preparation, placing concrete slabs and erecting the six (6) standard, tropicalized, Quonset huts which comprised Building #66. Also included was electrical wiring and office partitioning.
…NMCB-1 completed a 436,000 square foot open storage area for FLSG-A at Red Beach (L701 6659 III 948-795). In constructing the open storage/hardstand area a ten to twelve inch lift of compacted laterite was palced on the sand grade. A 9” lift of compacted rock was then placed on the laterite. Placing the rock directly on the sand base required too great a quantity of rock to provide a suitable bearing surface.
…LtCol Woods, 7th Air Force Civil Engineers visited NMCB-40 at Camp Shields to obtain information regarding soil cementing procedures and the laying of AM-2 matting

1967…NMCB-7 held it’s mid-deployment celebration with a day off from work. The clubs offered free refreshments and several Company parties were held.
… NMCB-133 Co-Seabees of the Month were named. BUL2 W.M. Weddle and EON3 A.P. Spangler, Jr.
…NMCB-128 Advance Party arrived at Camp Faulkner.
…The Camp Hoover Chapel, which had been re-built by the men of NMCB-4’s Bravo and Delta companies with local stomemasons, was dedicated on 24 September 1967 by the NMCB-4 Chaplain.
…The 3rd Marine Division Chapel, built by NMCB-3, was dedicated in memory of the late Major General Hochmuth, Commanding General, 3rd Marine Division.
…From LTCDR William Ahren’s “Site-X” (Quang Tri) Daily Journal
…Today was second full Sunday at Site X, our 9th day on the project. Visitors today were Gen. Hochmuth, Col. Dick of Fourth Marines, and Chaplain Topping of NMCB-121.
Work moved well today. Started clearing Helo pad and got about 50 percent done. First 1,000 feet of runway ready for soil cement. Have everything now except Pulva-mixers and AM-2 matting. Pump and pipe on board. 18 huts nearly complete. Six more decks go in tomorrow. Have 20 more laid out. Ditch cut through to river. Another mortar alert tonight with one person in each hootch. Pretty good day, convoy arrived from Phu Bai with pre-cut galley and pumps.

1968… Mortar crews from MCB-1 struck back at the enemy 11 miles southeast of Phu Bai. The impact area indicated that the 16 rounds fired by the Seabees had found their target killing a number of the enemy
…CAPT Miller and party from COMCBPAC visited NMCB-11 at Camp Rhodes.
…Helen “Patches” Musgrove, from the Jacksonville Journal, arrived on board NMCB-7 and remained 4 days in her continuing series of interviews with servicemen in Vietnam from the Jacksonville, Florida area.
…The NMCB-3 Main Body relocated from Camp Faulkner to Camp Haskins South via convoy.
…An NMCB-7 MRS scraper hit an unknown type/size mine while proceeding east on Route 9 near Cam Lo. The right rear wheel was damaged. No injuries were sustained by the operator.
…In a brief ceremony, NMCB-133 turned over the first increment of MER billets to the 101st Airborne Division. The Battalion had completed 824 strongbacks and SEA huts in less than 60 days

1969…Holiday routine was declared as NMCB-4 reached the midpoint in its deployment. No reveille, steak cook-outs, and free beer and soda at the clubs highlighted a welcome day of relaxation.
… The NMCB-62 Detail Barracuda culvert crew, while working one mile north of Elliot Combat Base on QL-9, received two rounds of unknown size rockets at 0845. No personnel or equipment casualties were sustained.
…NMCB-5 held an awards ceremony where RADM J.D. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB, presented 24 medals for heroism displayed during the ASP 1 explosion.
…The first flight of NMCB-5’s Detail Echo personnel returned to Camp Hoover and departed for Port Hueneme on 25 September.
…NMCB-1’s Phase II self-help mini-detail returned from Pho Hoi
…NMCB-11 Detail Echo worked on various projects in Okinawa. A portion of the Seabees deployed to Guam to do repair work on the naval Station’s Bachelor Civilian Quarters, electrical transmiossion lines, and several smaller projects.

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