27 September

1965… One of the most interesting jobs MCB-9 was tasked with, was an emergency repair job on the famed Tourane River Bridge. Damaged late at night by a vehicle mishap, the men of MCB-9 went to work at once. The bent sections had to be dismantled, straightened, then re-assembled. Working around the clock, crews from Bravo, Charlie, and Delta Company’s did the job. The men had to provide their own security while the steelworkers and builders went to work in around the clock shifts on the repair task. Meanwhile pontoons and small landing craft were pressed into service as ferries in order to serve military and civilian vehicles across the Tourane River. The urgent need for the bridge was seen by the traffic back up at the ferry landings
The big job was to replace four 70-foot sections of the single lane bridge. In order to pull off the damaged sections, it was necessary to jack up the bridge and put rollers under the sections. Then the new sections were bolted and pulled into place. After 16 days of intensive, round-the-clock efforts, the bridge was reopened to normal traffic.
…NMCB-3 was tasked with constructing a 1600-man galley/messhall, 241 strongback tents, heads, sanitary facilities, camp utilities and a road network for the housing of MAG-11. NMCB-3 completed 85% of the galley which was a wood framed building on a concrete slab including louvers, screening, drainage, piping, lighting, and a grease trap sanitary system. An MTO of the camp facilities was completed and material ordered. NMCB-3 personnel instructed MAG-11 personnel in the erection of tent frames and approximately 150 tent frames were completed. Layouts of the camp and road network were accomplished by NMCB-3 and initial road work was completed utilizing MAG-11 graders and operators. The project was turned over to NMCB-5 on 27 September 1965 with the project 40% complete

1967… CAPT Nelson Anderson, CEC, USN, Former Commander 30NCR visited NMCB-133 at Camp Faulkner.
…NMCB-10’s Detail ECHO, consisting of 50 men, departed Gia Le by air for Site “X” at Quang Tri joining the men already on-site. These men joined became part of the well-known “Ghost Battalion”
The Site “X” project consisted of construction of a 3,500 foot soil-cement and AM2 runway, a 90,000 square yard helo pad, a 20,000 square yard fixed wing parking apron, a 500-man cantonment, a temporary ASP, a bulk POL storage facility, and a Tactical Fuel Dispensing System.
These facilities formed the first phase of the construction of the Quang Tri Combat Base. Phase I was completed by 1 November when NMCB-10 assumed responsibility for the construction of the Quang Tri Forward Combat Base.
…It was announced that NMCB-7’s newspaper, Mobile Seven News, won the top CHINFO Merit Award in the Best Letter Press Stateside category for the April-June 1968 period. CHINFO made the award from 500 newspapers.
…CAPT G.C. Miller, Chief of Staff, COMCBPAC and CDR B.J. Hackenson, Supply and Logistics Officer, COMCBPAC visited NMCB-7 at Camp Adenir to conduct a Command and Logistics Management Assistance Inspection.
…The Marine Security Force at the NMCB-3 quarry site engaged an estimated VC battalion. Marines used 81mm mortars, 106,, reciless rifles, automatic weapons and called in supporting fire from gunships, ARVN 105mm howitzers, and 155mm howitzers located at Gia Le Combat Base. An airburst from a 155mm howitzer showered the NMCB-3 cantonment with shrapnel. There were no friendly casualties of property damage.
…Three daytime artillery attacks on Dong Ha Combat Base. Rounds impacted adjacent to Camp Barnes.

1968… CDR J.A. D’Emidio, the new NMCB-74 Commanding Officer, arrived at Camp Shields,
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB and MGEN Bradley, Director of Construction, COMUSMACV toured NMCB-71 jobsites and visited Camp Miller, Chu Lai.
…NMCB-12 Detail Alpha One, consisting of 18 enlisted men, deployed to Phu Bai to provide equipment support to NMCB-133. The Detail rejoined the battalion on 12 October 1968.
…NMCB-12 Detail Alpha Two, consisting of 30 enlisted men, were deployed to Quang Tri to provide equipment support for NMCB-11. The Detail rejoined the battalion on 01 November 1968.

1969… NMCB-74 support to Cam Lo closeout involved 20 enlisted men from Alpha Company assigned to Cam Lo Rock Crusher to assist in dismantling and closing out the camp. The Detail rejoined the Battalion at Camp Hoover on 10 October 1969.
…NMCB-5’s Delayed Party turned all uncompleted jobs over to NMCB-74.
…LCDR J.D. Pensyl, CEC, USN, Executive Officer NMCB-4 departed for a visit to Seabee Team 0410 in Vietnam and Team 0411 in Thailand. LCDR Pensyl returned to camp Adenir on 04 October.
…NMCB-1’s Detail Echo transferred 14 men from Saigon to Detail Charlie at An Thoi

1970… NMCB-62 Detail Juneau completed the QL-1 upgrade and returned to the Battalion at Camp Haskins South.
…NMCB-62 Detail Tampa rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins South upon completion of the access road and supply pier at Cu Lao Re Island.

1971… The ACTOV ISB at Cau Mau, completed by NMCB-5’s Detail Mustang, was turned over to the Vietnamese Navy with minor punchlist items remaining.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Xray completed construction at NAS Cubi Point NOAH and self-help projects and rejoined Detail Corral.
…Two rounds of 122MM rocket fire impacted approximately 300 yards from Camp Logan, Bien Hoa, at 0700. All hands remained at Red Alert for 30 minutes.

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