28 September

1944…128th NCB (MCB-128) was activated at Camp Endicott with Lt. Cdr. Alexander Husband as commanding officer

1966… NMCB-11 Special Services announced that for only 50 cents each, Battalion personnel could purchase two different cigarette lighters with the NMCB-11 emblem and one with “Da Nang Vietnam, 1966” engraved on one side. The 1966 Cruise Book was offered for sale for $2.00 each.

1967…Four scout dogs were assigned to the Quang Tri airstrip construction site and were used extensively on Marine ambushes and patrols with good effect. A report was received from MACV that 400 VC with crew-served weapons would harass the air strip until 30 Sept.
… CAPT C.G. Miller, CEC, USN, Chief of Staff, COMCBPAC; CDR B.J. Hackenson, SC, USN, Supply Officer, COMCBPAC; and LCDR V. Young, CEC, USN, Equipment Officer, 31NCR, visited NMCB-133 at Camp Faulkner.
…RADM H.L. Miller, Chief of Information (CHINFO) and RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-74 at camp Haskins South and toured ASP-2 under construction by NMCB-74.
…NMCB-11 deployed a 4 man Detail to Khe Sanh (Four) to provide survey survices to the U.S. Army Fifth Special Forces Group (Airborne) in the area. The Detail returned to the battalion on 06 October 1967.
…NMCB-10’s Detail India departed Gia Le for Phu Bai to construct cantonment projects for Marine Air Group 16
…4 Navy Commendation Medalswith Combat “V”, 5 Purple Heart Medals and 5 Navy Good Conduct Awards were presented to NMCB-4 personnel by RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB.
…RADM Miller, CHINFO and RADM Bartlett cisited Liberty Bridge with NMCB-4’s CO.
…Five daytime and early evening artillery attacks on Dong Ha Combat Base and Camp Barnes. Four NMCB-11 personnel wounded when rounds impacted in the rock crusher area. (MCB-11 DCR 1967)
…NMCB-9’s main body, consisting of 18 officers and 652 men deployed 28Sep67 to 03Oct67 to Da Nang on seven C-141 aircraft from NAS Point Mugu, CA
…NMCB-4 completed the III MAF Postal Facility, several projects at Qui Nhon including BEQ’s, Admin. Facilities, and a Dispensary, lights for the An Hoa Airstrip, and a cantonment for MAG-11.. (MCB-4 DCR 1967)
…CN Blair W. Starkey NMCB-1 was KIA at the Hai Van Pass
...NMCB-4 completed its project at the Bo De School, and an Equipment Shop and Tracked Vehicle Maintenance Shop for MWSG-17

1968… CAPT Miller and party from COMCBPAC visited NMCB-11 at Camp Rhodes.
…Helen “Patches” Musgrove, from the Jacksonville Journal, arrived on board NMCB-7 and remained 4 days in her continuing series of interviews with servicemen in Vietnam from the Jacksonville, Florida area.
…The NMCB-3 Main Body relocated from Camp Faulkner to Camp Haskins South via convoy.
…Camp Haskins South contained two construction battalions. 30NCR, 3NCB, and the two battalions split the responsibility for perimeter defenses among themselves. The Commanding Officer of the battalion in Camp Haskins South was the sub area coordinator for Vital Area 2. The Battalion Command Post had both land-line and radio contact with the area coordinator at Force Logistics Command. NMCB-3 was responsible for the 15 southern perimeter bunkers including the camp main gate. The 3NCB supply yard at the south end of camp had three bunkers that were to be abandoned in Condition II ground and Condition I. Each bunker originally had M-16’s, M-79’s, M-60’s and Shot Guns. With detachments at Hue and the Liberty Bridge, and the convoys going north, it was necessary to re-assign the M-60’s from the less vulnerable perimeter along the beach. The Seabees in Camp Haskins were required to make their own combat/ambush patrols. The two battalions agreed to alternate patrols ao that each made a patrol every other night. The requirement for patrols emphasized the need for more personnel trained in patrolling. The battalion set out listening posts when active patrols were not employed. The large perimeter and heavy volumn of traffic through the main gate required a relatively large night security section. Occasional ground probes in the area, including penetration of the FLC perimeter by a sapper squad, reinforced the requirement for alert perimeter defense. The line companies were required to man selected fighting holes between bunkers nightly. During visits of high ranking officers to 3NCB or occasions when ceremonies of social functions caused concentrations of ranking visitors, extra security measures were taken.
…An NMCB-7 MRS scraper hit an unknown type/size mine while proceeding east on Route 9 near Cam Lo. The right rear wheel was damaged. No injuries were sustained by the operator.
…In a brief ceremony, NMCB-133 turned over the first increment of MER billets to the 101st Airborne Division. The Battalion had completed 824 strongbacks and SEA huts in less than 60 days.

1969…NMCB-58/NMCB-7 BEEP began.
…NMCB-74 Main Body completed the Battalion’s redeployment to Camp Hoover, Da Nang.
…Quang Tri Combat Base received seven rocket rounds. No rounds impactd within NMCB-74 Detail Alpha’s camp at Camp Rhodes.
…NMCB-74 Detail Echo, consisting of 16 enlisted men from Charlie Company were deployed to Cam Ranh bay to construct 7500 lin. ft. of Ammi Revetments for the Naval Air facility. The Detail rejoined the Battalion at camp Hoover on 18 November

1970… A 24 inch culvert located on Route LTL-4 was destroyed by enemy action cutting off the LTL-4 worksite from QL-1.
…An NMCB-62 Detail Buford front end loader was booby trapped with an unknown explosive charge resulting in major equipment damage and one Seabee with minor injuries. A Detail Bufoed motor grader detonated an antipersonnel mine on Route 1-C resulting in negative equipment damage and no personnel injuries.
…Several NMCB-62 personnel were caught adjacent to a firefight on Route LTL-4. No NMCB-62 personnel were fired upon and after waiting until the action ceased, they returned to Hill 55 without further incident. No serious incident report was filed as the action did not directly involve Battalion personnel.
…NMCB-62 Detail Utopia, consisting of 14 Charlie Company personnel, deployed to Tien Phuoc to complete construction of the 496th Rifle Company FSI cantonment.
…NMCB-74’s Advance Party arrived at Bien Hoa from CBC Gulfport.
…NMCB-5’s Advance Party departed RVN for CBC Port Hueneme.

1971… The Seabee Team 6206 compound at Ham Tan City, Binh Tuy Province was hit bu one mortar round at 0320, causing minor damage to team quarters. No casualties.
…CBMU-302 completed the MACV Annex construction including modifications to administrative spaces, construction of a vault for disbursing office and construction of urinalysis collection point was completed
…RADM W.M. Enger, CEC, USN, Commander, NAVFACENGCOM, and Chief of Civil Engineers, visited NMCB-5 Detail Xray and Clydesdale in the Philippines, Detail Stallion in Bien Hoa, and Corral at Guam.

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