Former Korean War Seabee Veteran, Scott Williams is always a great source for historical events and even current news....Today he sent WWII photos w. descriptions:

The first photos of the Japanese surrender before they got to the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. First time the victorious Americans and the defeated Japanese met for peaceful means.

Japanese Pre-Surrender

Rare photos of a fascinating piece of history.
This was overshadowed by the Tokyo Bay surrender ceremony a few weeks later. But what rare photos (and some personal descriptions of that event).
Interesting photos of the preparation of Surrender of Japan in August 1945. (Officially signed on the USS Missouri in the Tokyo Bay, September 2, 1945).
A delegation of Japanese Representatives flew to an American Base close to Okinawa. The Japanese planes were requested to be painted in white and have the "Meatballs" replaced by a Green Cross. Really rare archives.

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