I think that I remember it was on the weekend...which day of 7 October 1957 I don't recall ...had it been during the week I'm sure I would
have been driving the school bus from the outlaying transmitter command of the Naval Communications Facility/ 6th Naval Fleet, Morocco.
It was a dependent accompanied tour of duty there in that North African country and we were expecting our first child...You know the old
drill...that long expected announcement, "IT'S TIME HONEY....YOU BETTER HURRY AS THAT WASN'T WARM TEA I SPILLED"!
Driving the school bus and coming aboard the main naval station at Port Lyautey every day, the Marine gate guards knew me....this morning on that
panic run, driving our old 1949 red Ford, they didn't and I didn't and wasn't prepared do a complete halt....that causing alarm to the young
marine caused him to 'jack' a round into his .45 being displayed in my rear view mirror as being held at a high, port arms! I panic braked and
yelled out, "wife is having the baby"...my loud voice was between a gargle and a sob...the hairs on the back of my neck thing...now 2 marines in the rear view
mirror...the Gunny, who recognized me, waving with an arm signal like and meaning, "CHARGE'! From that main gate on up to the station
hospital on top of the hill was more than a mile...didn't take long to get there, but already the on-duty corpsman was out front with the litter
and blankets, waiting for the prospective mommy....later the wife was told it was one of the longest labor times experienced by the hospital...
some time, like 17 hours...perhaps that might have been 'warm tea' that she had spilled onto her lap earlier that caused the panic run and
an almost predictable tragedy of, 'NO SURVIVING FATHER'... it's been a great life...Carmen Maria would be accompanied by 2 brothers and
a sister...John Henry Jr. being born in the Hollywood stars hospital of Santa Monica, California...Timothy Allen during a September hurricane
at the naval hospital Quonset Point, Rhode Island, and Marjorie Ann at the naval hospital, Port Hueneme, California mere days before I
would depart for a years deployment to the island of Okinawa. JW

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