16 October

1967… NMCB-121 hosted the Marth Raye USO Show for the Phu Bai Combat Base.
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-6 at Camp Miller.
…NMCB-11 completed construction of the first permanent module of ammunition storage berms for Dong Ha was completed despite the continual delays of artillery attack and the monsoon rains.
…First permanent module of ammunition storage berms for Dong Ha was completed by NMCB-11 despite the continual delays of artillery attacks and monsoon rains.
…Reminiscent of the secrecy enacted during World War II, NMCB-11 deployed crews to “Site X”- the undercover name for the new combat airfield being constructed at Quang Tri-took up a lot of time for Alpha Company in October of 1967. By October 16th, Alpha Company had hauled over 1,574 tons of material south to the project, mostly cement and matting. When it rained, as it was prone to do at that time of the monsoon season, the pontoon bridge between Dong Ha and Quang Tri washed out almost every day, so the drivers had to go quickly between rain showers. On one of those runs, EOHCN Phillip W. Lawter’s semi-truck hit a mine. The truck ended up in a rice paddy with ruined rear tamdens. Lawter received a couple of bruises in the incident, but was still “plugging and chugging” as the saying goes. Later, Alpha Company assisted Charlie Company erect a new bridge to replace the old pontoon bridge that continually washed out during the monsoon season. They operated the pile driver to help the crews install the piles to handle the timber bridge construction. The crane operator EO Seitzsinger believed the boom of his crane acted as an aiming stake for the Viet Cong as they would lob mortar rounds into or near the construction site.
… First plane landed at the Quang Tri air strip. S-2F piloted by BGen. Keller, asst. Wing Cmdr., 1st MAW

1968… NMCB-3 completed the Topo Survey at Da Nang East
…Douglas Warner, USMC KIA Quang Nam Province (approx 45 days In-Country)

1969… NMCB-7’s Detail Golf, consisting of 8 Enlisted men deployed to Minh Long (Special Forces Runway Repair

1970… NMCB-5/NMCB-74 BEEP completed.

1971…CBMU-302 completed 34 independent shelter units at Cuu Long for the Vietnamese Navy

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