18 October

1966… NMCB-9 deployed a detachment to Quang Ngai , consisting of 18 men, to build facilities for USAID.

1967… Seabee Team 0308 arrived at Phu Bai upon completion of six months deployment
…The USS Sedgwick County (LST 1123) arrived in Da Nang and unloaded the first of NMCB-10’s sealift equipment.
…NMCB-6 completed two aircraft control towers which had been started by NMCB-8. One was the MAG-36 Control Tower and the other was the Chu Lai west airfield control tower. One observation tower was also completed during the deployment. The 50-foot observation tower, located atop the highest point in the Chu Lai Combat Base, was only a part of a complex constructed over a two year period in support of the Integrated Wideband Communications Syatem. A total of 3044 direct mandays were expended on the entire project by both NMCB-6 and NMCB-8

1968…NMCB-121’s first rush project of the 1968-1969 deployment came when the men of Alpha and Delta Companies repaired the causeway adjacent to the Perfume River in the old imperial city of Hue. During Typhoon Beth, water had completely inundated the existing roadway and during the height of the storm a Navy LCU boat floated free from its moorings and was swept over the top of the causeway. After the storm had passed, the water quickly dropped to a level below the roadway leaving the LCU stranded downstream. Consequently, a 75-foot section of causeway had to be removed to allow the LCU to return to its moorings. A large amount of sand and gravel had been placed in the gap, and traffic to Col Co Island resumed again. Unexpectedly, heavy rains washed all the fill downstream and the entire 75-foot section had to be refilled with large stones and smaller crushed rock. NMCB-121’s Alpha Company arrived on the scene after the section had been filled and washed away, and they hauled truckloads of crushed roack and fill from the quarries at Phu Loc and Nam Hoa. The rains continued to fall for almost 10 straight days, but finally the sun broke through, and Delta’s builders were able to erect a coffer dam to hold back the water. Concrete headwalls were poured to hold the crushed rock and fill in place.
…LCDR F.G. Kelley relieved LCDR E.W. Thomas as NMCB-74 Executive Officer.
…NMCB-71 Main Body, consisting of 11 officers and 265 enlisted men began returning to CBC Davisville via two Boeing 707 and one C-141 aircraft. The movement was complete by 23 October 1968.
…BUCN D.J. Noble passed away due to asphyxiation from aspiration. A memorial mass was said by the Roman Catholic Chaplain in NMCB-22’s Chapel.
…The NMCB-4/NMCB-10 BEEP completed.
…NMCB-3 completed an access road to 5th Special Forces
…NMCB-133’s well drilling team completed its well site at A-1 and moved operations to C-1

1970… Secong flight of NMCB-10 Main Body with 6 officers and 211 enlisted personnel departed by air from Da Nang to Prt Hueneme.

1971… NMCB-5’s Detail Stallion’s (Bien Hoa) first Main Body flight departed for CBC Port Hueneme

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