Over on the Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board where they have me listed as the Senior Chief Moderator, I am the oldest
participant there...Today I turn 83...lots of comments and almost equally old 'Jar-Head' posted a dirty Seabee poem for
me can embellish old age all they want, but think of the alternative of not getting old...sobering and frank.
There are some birthdays that are memorable while others come and go with almost frightening regularity...Some with the cake and ice cream and other with the beans and beer...with family now or troops you once served with.. For you younger ones, perhaps still at your trades and professions...scuffling for a buck...time seems to drag ...for we seniors such as myself, time speeds on at a maddening pace...only time it seems to slow down is at the Doctors waiting room or in the cashiers line at the grocery store when you should have responded to that need for a 'head-call' as you passed the facility moments before.....JW


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